Comprehensive and Amazing Commerce Notes !

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aoa :D
black widow got himself banned for his may jun exams of gce o level.
he sent me mail to pss his message to u :p and i m copy pasting it here :LOL:

"on my commerce thread, (i have the link in my signature), i told them i will make the notes for all the chapters, but lioxmessi advised me not to do so. so yes i have been worried ever since.
i am sending u some note i found, as the attachments, plz do upload them, and tell them that black widow is sincerely sorry for the wait, and breaking ur hopes, but these notes are simply amazing, and will help u cover ur syllabus quickly. (exaggerate a little bit on me being sorry, and that i have kept my promise) zara unke reaction ke bari me bi batadena
furthermore, do tell them that if they don't find a specific topic in the word notes to be good, then they can consult the pdf notes
thnx bro "
here is his contribution, this is not his stuff it'll fulfill ur needs (according to him :p). here you go...


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Here are the notes that i have made for commerce. They are made from the book by Mary Trigwell, the book endorsed by Cambridge and it also contains some pages from the book by Muhammad Hassan Nadeem.

Right now, i have only made the notes for the first 3 chapters. INSHALLAH I will make the notes for all the 40 chapters, and post them here
btw. they can be used as a summary for the book (ie. u dont have to read the book, just read these notes. The rest is up to u) :D
Nabeel.Ahmad, hope this is helpful :D

I have seen your notes and i can say these are easy to read and memorize for the students of IGCSE / O Levels. If you want, i can help you out by adding your notes with your names at official Business & Accounting Coach Website. Just let me know if you are fine with it.