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some muslims are exempt from performing hajj .why do you think so? i need answer
Q: Do all Muslims have to perform Hajj?

A: Yes. However, there are certain factors to take into consideration.

First, only Muslim adults (whether male or female) are required to perform Hajj. This means that, while children may go to Hajj, it is not required of them. Maturity and an ability to understand the magnitude of the pilgrimage are needed to fully take advantage of the experience. A sound mind and full control of one’s mental capacities are required to perform Hajj.

Second, the Muslim has to be physically able to undergo the amount of travel and have the strength to perform the pilgrimage. Very weak, sick, elderly, or otherwise physically incapable Muslims are exempt from having to perform the pilgrimage.

Third, the Muslim must be financially able to perform Hajj. The expenses for the pilgrimage are not little, so every Muslim that goes must be free of debt and able to bear the costs.