Is sociology good for optional?

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If you are a UPSC aspirant, you will realize that it is a highly competitive exam, with many candidates appearing for it. Therefore, only a selected few clear the exam. However, we are sure you will do everything to clear the exam. When clearing the IAS exams, though, how you do in the optional subjects is a critical factor that determines your overall success in the exams.

Performance in the Optional Subjects is critical for UPSC's success.

The UPSC CSE's optional topic test is the key to success. You might not be able to impact the GS Mains test much, but if you pick the proper choice and put in the necessary work, you could potentially lead by 20 to 50 marks in the optional exam. The subject you choose is the first and foremost step. Thus, it would be best if you chose the same right. Of the few options available, you might wonder if Sociology Optional Coaching is suitable as an optional subject. If that is what you are wondering, the following are the main advantages: