Need help understanding O Levels as I took a 1.5 year gap.

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Assalamo alaikum Everyone, this might be a long post, but if someone could help me out it would really mean a lot.

After giving my final papers for Grade 8, I took a 1.5 year gap for hifz. Now that i’ve completed it, i will be joining O2 LGS in August. I have started private tuition for business, accounting, economic and maths. I feel comfortable about these subjects but my main issue is that I haven’t been briefed yet about what exactly O Levels is. So many different books about each subject, past papers, notes and so much more I dont know where to start for the other subjects because i wont be getting a tutor for that, khud he parhna sab ke liye.

Abhi jo mujhe aap logo se help chahiye is just a brief on how to study for o levels by yourself and secondly I wanna start studying Pak Studies and Islamiyat because these are the subjects i feel like mushkil hongay. I just wanna study these itna ke main jab o2 main jaaon i dont feel left behind.

Kindly recommend me how to start studying for these subjects, start kahaan se loon, lectures, books for LGS, notes (only if they will be helpful enough) and other things you feel like would help me catch up on what ive missed during these years.

One last thing, my main purpose of this post is that when i join o2 LGS, i know what im doing, dont feel left out and im on track with the class.