New members - Introduce Yourself Here !

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Hi, so I just joined and I found this to be a great website for students/teachers.

Didn't see a thread where new members can introduce themselves and integrate so I thought I'd make one.
So, I am Umer, from Pakistan - but i grew up all over the globe (Malaysia, Australia, Nederlands and Pakistan in no particular order).
I did O/A levels in 07/09 respectively. I am an Alumni of Monash University, University of Twente and currently I am enrolled in Auckland Uni of Technology. I am a mechatronics/mechanical engineering student/teacher. I also teach O/A levels as a hobby/side Hussle ! I love math and programming so anything involving those two things is my holy grail !!

I am also a former MUNer/ Debator. I feel like a strong community, big or small, can do wonders and perform endless tasks - impossible to achieve/do individually.

If you have any qs please feel free to ask me !

Peace out !
Umer !