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Women Leaders in Education leaders in india

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Women make a significant portion of the teaching industry, particularly in basic education, but their representation in senior positions is still far from what is expected. Nonetheless, there are a lot of accomplished women who have made outstanding contributions to the field of education. They have greatly contributed to the advancement of the Indian education sector, from bringing about radical changes in teaching and learning techniques to assuring the academic achievement of every student.
We compile our list of the 10 Most inspiring women leaders in education in india 2022
We assess influential women in the field of education based on the characteristics listed below.

Dr. Amrita Vohra.​

Dr. Amrita Vohra is an educationist and an effective educational administrator who has a track record and extensive expertise in managing educational institutions, establishing organisational structures, and training educators.

Dr. Deepa Jose.​

Dr. Deepa Jose is a lecturer and an administrator with more than ten years of experience in the field of education. She is now in charge of her educational institution's funded research and consultancy section.

Manisha Shrivastava.​

Manisha Shrivastava is an inspirational creator, trainer, and personality who has specialised in training programmes, managing, leadership, and data analysis for a sizable portion of her professional career.

Meeta Bhandula.​

Meeta Bhandula is known as an experienced academic and career guidance counsellor with a distinguished career spanning over two decades in education.

Neeta Raj Sharma- Dean​

Neeta Raj Sharma is commended for encouraging the education sector's businesses to step forward, take initiative, and assist in moulding young brains into talent with an eye towards the business world.