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    What Country are you from?

    I am currently in Pakistan but moving back to England this month for Alevels inshallah. and am going to miss pakistan but will stay in touch through this forum.
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    3 word game

    Under the tree.
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    Environmental Management Discussion

    btw zohaib bhai was ure centre number pk025 cos i think i saw u in the library.....the one at the front am i right???
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    Environmental Management Discussion

    it went...ok i guess...!! although i wasnt much prepared!
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    serious thread abt calculator

    Exactly my add maths sir recommended the fx991ES...!! They dont care what calculator you use as long as its not graphical and this is confirmed! Plus it doesnt say any where on the paper what calculator to use or not, or even write the name of the one you are using! Ive never heard of a case...
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    3 word game

    then starts moonwalk-ing...=P
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    ok this ones simple.... neo's 5 brothers...ones name is Monday, the others is Tuesday, the third is Wednesday, fourth is Thursday...what is the 5th brothers name?
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    Random Jokes

    OK Ive got one. Three women enter a hair salon. One has luscious blond hair, one has beautiful shiny black hair and one has a weird yet lovely tone of green in her hair. The hairdresser, clearly impressed, asks the blond-haired woman how she got that colour. "oh its natural" she replies. the...
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    3 word game

    michael jacksons graveworms!! =P
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    Gaming anyone?

    nintendo DS lite....and the best NINTENDO Wii......!! have u tried guitar hero on xbox....???
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    3 word game

    slimey custard pie
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    'Zohaib Sherazi' promoted to Forum Moderator!

    congratulations zohaib bhai!!=)
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    3 word game

    and is alive.
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    *ABP* Examination tips and Best of luck!

    Re: Examination tips and Best of luck! ok i dont know if this is natural or not but for some strange reason i have not been panicking AT ALL!!! its weird because im the sort of person that goes hysteric before a school exam and now while giving my O'LEVELS paper i dont feel the least bit...
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    y'all from beacon margalla???