1. Celine kojkar

    Help needed for university enrollment

    Hello, so I've been in a conundrum... I had some family issues which resulted in my dropping highschool against my will. I really want to continue my education and go to a University but I want to also make up for lost time. So here's the deal: 1) I live in Saudi and cannot leave the country at...
  2. Ammad7

    When will A Level Exams take place for batch 2020?

    I'm in A1 right now.... my A level started 2 months ago. I want to ask that when will A level exams take place and do they take place one by one? What is the methodology? Someone plz answer my question....
  3. B

    End of Chapter Questions/Answers

    Where can I find the end of chapter solutions from Cambridge International AS and A Level Chemistry Coursebook? 2nd edition Anyone
  4. furuta

    PLEASE HELP ME!!! Repeating chemistry !!!

    helloo so im thinking about repeating chemistry bc I got a C in it. (AS). I missed my B by one mark. Is it possible to up my grade to a B without repeating ? Because I’m very stressed about how I’ll manage to repeat when I have A2 to study too, for chem, physics and bio. Please guide me ): thank...
  5. E

    I need help and advice

    guys, i gave full A level chem this may/june but sadly i only passed on my AS part and i failed the A2 part. i got a small e. i have to give A2 paper on oct/nov, by carrying forward my as grade. do you think it is possibe for me to get atleast a D or a C if i do good in the A2 part?