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  1. badrobot14

    Effective Learning Strategies for Teens

    Effective Learning Strategies for Teens: Unlocking Your Brain’s Potential As a teenager, your brain is a powerhouse of potential. With approximately 86 billion brain cells and 150 trillion synapses, it’s time to harness this neural network for optimal learning. Let’s dive into brain-based...
  2. F

    A Star Article - English as a Second Language

    Some people believe that we should stop wasting money on fun and entertainment. Instead they argue that investing money on staying healthy by buying good food is more worthwhile. What do you think? GOOD FOOD OVER EXTRAVAGANZA Don’t you think it is high time we thought about caring for our own...
  3. F

    ESL (0510/0511) Free Listening, Reading & Writing Resources

    2019 ESL Syllabus & Papers Full Listening Paper – FREE Practice ESL Exam – Free Tell & Throw – Breaking the ice Example Candidate Responses NEW! Letters & Articles Collection Writing Samples – Ghaazee School Summary – Student’s Response Helium – Note making Describing weather like a pro! Beauty...