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  1. Dreaming desires

    Science Books Pdf o'levels!

    Asalam.o.alaikum Everyone! WELL I NEED YOUR ASISTANCE! Is anybody here having biology matters , chemistry matters or physics matters book? I need it for my o'levels examinations. I'll be really grateful if anyone of you could come out and help!
  2. Infinity and Beyond

    Book Request

    Can anybody provide me with online copies of these books? Other subjects like physics and chemistry would also be appreciated. Cambridge IGCSE Biology (0610) Paper 2 [Extended] :: Topical Past Paper Questions E-book Cambridge IGCSE Biology (0610) Paper 4 [Extended] :: Topical Past Paper...
  3. jeonjaykay


    Hey, since I am now in Alevels there is some stuff regarding O Level's that is unimportant to me . This includes notes,ppt and pdf files, ) OF MIXED SUBJECTS( O2 AND O3) . total waste to discard them, hopefully it will prove helpful!!! MORE UNDER THE COMMENT SECTION
  4. R


    I had my biology atp today and I got histograms in my graph question. I did frequency density and drew accordingly. I got to know after my exam that doing that wasn't necessary and you just had to draw on y and x axis. Will I loose all my 4 marks or is there any chance that they accept frequency...
  5. A


    Hello everyone, I hope you're all feeling great. I have compiled links for sites, YT videos, PPTs, etc., in a single file for various IGCSE subjects, despite the fact that it was primarily made for IGCSEs, It can still be used for GCSEs, O-Levels, and exam boards other than C(A)IE, in fact, some...
  6. pink_princess

    IGCSE Notes - CS, Chemistry, Biology and Physics

    Assalaam alaikum! I'm starting this thread to post my notes for the IGCSE subjects Computer SCience, Chemistry, Biology, Physics. You can tell me which subject you need most help with using the poll and I'll give most priority to that. Insha Allah I'll post here regularly! Hope I can help some...
  7. Slyvre

    Looking For: CDs of O-Level Cambridge IGCSE Coursebooks (EOCQ Answers)

    Hi, I've been scouring the internet for some time now, and I cannot seem to find the CDs for several coursebooks. These include: - Cambridge IGCSE Biology Coursebook by Mary Jones and Geoff Jones CD - Cambridge IGCSE Physics Coursebook by David Sang CD - Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry Coursebook by...
  8. P

    Save My Exams classified Answers (FREE)

    Does anyone want the savemyexams classified answers for free? if so let me know
  9. S

    CIE O/N 2018 Examiner Reports? (Sciences & Maths)

    Hey there! i was scavenging through the internet trying to find these but couldn't If any of you guys have the examiner reports for october november 2018 for physics chem bio & maths i would really appreciate if you could attach them here! Thanks alot in advance
  10. S


    Hey! so im in As and i have to give my exams in May. If anyone has helpful notes and resources for As math, physics., chemistry and biology please do post them on this thread. Also, any advice from people who have done alevels and helpful tips would be really really appreciated. (Stressing &...
  11. B

    O/N 2018 Biology Pastpapers available

    Hello all, ON 2018 5090 biology pastpapers will be available from the site below on 1st november 2018. In the mean time enjoy the resources I have uploaded to the site, including some papers of i created myself to test your understanding. Dont forget to leave a comment and a like on the site...
  12. H

    Does anybody have topic-wise O’level papers

    i need topic wise o’level papers please..... Physics p1 p2 p4 Biology p1 p2 p6 Chemistry p1 p2 p4 Maths p2 p4 IF ANYBODY HAS THESE PAPERS IM LOOKING FOR PLEASE DONT IGNORE I NEED TOPIC-WISE PAPERS ONLY....THANK YOU
  13. B

    How was Biology Practical 34?

    I personally found it quite hard compared to previous years. How did you guys do?
  14. M


    Here is 2018 feb/march paper 22 biology paper, hopefully it is useful, good luck!
  15. I

    9700 Biology P4 (42) 2018 9th May Discussion

    Guys feel free to discuss the paper. Also, drop some of your answers here so others can compare Thanks! Do mention what y’all wrote for the mice study and which essay y’all did.
  16. anastasia grey113

    SAT Subject Test Physics and Biology

    Hello there! I have to take the SAT subject tests: Biology and Physics on the 2nd of June. Is there anyone who has already taken these tests and has scored well or is there anyone who's taking the SAT on thee 2nd of June. I really wanna know which notes or resources or books you are using/you...
  17. I

    People who gave F/M 2018 a level papers please help

    I take Bio, Physics and Chemistry, (A2) and giving my M/J 2018 papers, could you please tell me how the papers were? were they easier than the 2017 papers? Can you please tell me what questions they asked
  18. D

    OCR 2017 june papers needed urgent

    It's said that papers will be out in early may and it's almost end of April but i don't think anywhere papers are released for 2017 june so if anyone has them please do provide me ...
  19. E


    Hi guys! So does anyone have nay predictions as to what might be on the paper this year?
  20. E

    Edexcel textbooks A level

    Hey guys, would anyone have any working links for the following books? - AS Biology and AS Chemistry by Hodder Education - AS Biology and AS Chemistry Activebook or even the pdf version of the paperback version is alright Also would anyone have any useful video links/channels for A levels BIO...