1. Akshajistari

    Study Tips

    Hello all! I have been part of the Xtremepapers community since 2012... you have all been a great inspiration for me! I always wondered how all of you study, and how you organise your time and don't get distracted. This question is specifically directed to My Name :) Regards Akshajistari
  2. loseroftheyear

    Guys I need advise On retakes!!!

    So I did my CIE As level Examinations on summer 2015. I got BBCC. I took a retake for both bio and chem which I got a CC i n winter 2015.The other two subjects were Physics and Maths. I am currently studying A2 and I am taking 4 subjects Phy,maths,bio and chem. I am planning to take six...
  3. A

    Notes of Bio,Physics and Chemistry?

    Anyone has Notes for ANY of them please upload!! :) I will very Thankful!
  4. A

    Marking Schemes and Examiner Reports of Biology!!!

    Guys! I need Biology marking schemes and Examiner Reports complied in one document! If anyone has please upload! But please If anyone has MARKING SCHEMES OF BIOLOGY COMPILED IN ONE DOCUMENT FROM 2000 TO 2011!! or any alternative years!! Please upload I need HELP! :( I will be very thankful!
  5. N

    Biology new chapter

    Guys there is a new chapter named 'biotechnology and genetic engineering' . What type of question have you seen in past papers? what can be expected. [this is for june 2016 btw]
  6. Hobbie

    Phy, Maths, Chem, Comp nd Bio 2015

    New thread for 2015 O2 (science) students: Alot of threads are being made on this huge educational platform forum but I felt a need to make a thread where we 2015 student can discuss abt all of our problems or may become a helphand for others.. U can post notes, ur ideas, questions, tips nd...
  7. B

    2015 June Edexcel IAL Biology

    IAL Biology Edexcel June 2015 Past Papers (all units) Link
  8. S

    What are the toughest IGCSE papers you have done?

    Hi all, I'm practicing past papers for the upcoming Oct/Nov IGCSE papers, I just wanted to know what are the hardest papers you've done for the following subjects: -Maths -English 1st Language -ICT -Literature -Geography -History -Biology -Physics -Chemistry -Business Studies I thank you all in...