1. Mohaimin1

    Extra Subject OLEVELS

    I have recently shifted from Bahawalpur to Islamabad. In Bahawalpur I couldnt opt for an extra subject in Olevels but since I am in Islamabad, I am thinking to opt an extra subject. I am in last year of Olevels so tell me a subject which can easily be prepared in a year. Any subject which can...
  2. I


    Pls, could someone pass me the question bank for BM, and tell me how to install it. thank you
  3. Asadullah Khosa

    LSE Test 2016

    Guys... I really need to know is the LSE test going to be SAT based or like are there going to be specific questions or what? I'm freaking out man..... My test is on 3rd of july. I've given SAT so I really need to know if it'll work out or not.
  4. E


    Can anyone give me some realy good business studies tips? im having trouble doing the papers and often get stuck on some questions especially in Paper 2
  5. N

    A level business tutor - online

    AsA, does any one know a good busines tutor for A levels . Who has good experience and can give online classes . i would want to know as many as i can get . JazakAllah khair
  6. mominzahid

    Business, Economics and Mathematics. Will it count as complete A levels?

    Hello guys. A student of mine is taking these 3 subjects for her alevels. I've heard that Business and economics when taken together have half credit. So my question is that will taking the 3 subjects: Business, economics and mathematics count as complete alevels? Will a student taking these...
  7. C

    am i wrecking my future? (PLEASE read and help)

    So I had sciences + addmath in Olevels and overall grade was 7A's I kept sciences and maths in Alevels and my As result is horrible (C's D's) due to a personal family emergency. SAT will be given in oct but I am pretty good at it so i'll expect like 1850+ i'A my question is Im confused...