1. J

    CIE A Level chapterwise qp/ms

    Help me out asap pls
  2. J

    Add Math Book for o levels

    Hey Guys. I really need the book for add mathematics by ho soo thong. I would appreciate if someone could upload it here.
  3. J

    Private Candidate

    Hey guys. So I was hoping to take A level exams for Physics and Mathematics(Basic)? Is that possible to privately register for that exam? Also, can somebody explain it to me how many papers would I be appearing. I cant seem to understand the pattern for that. I checked out some past papers and...
  4. V


    Please explain the following question with answer!! i don't get it :(( it is from OCT/NOV 18 P11
  5. A

    Chemistry P34?

    Has anyone got any clue about paper 34,predictions or literally anything..Please let me know I messed up my p2,and being a private student,I couldn't practice p3 much
  6. A*****

    Tuitions at discounted fee

    Hello everyone out there! I've been a member here from about the past 4 years and many of you have come to know me now. Basically I am starting tuitions for O and A Level girls in Lahore at discounted fee. I have already taught O level subjects during the past year and from now I'll be teaching...
  7. R

    need some good websites for revision

    hi can any of you recommend me some good websites for alevel cie? i need worked solutions for maths(9709) physics (9702) and biology and chemistry. it would be great if you could provide some files too.a compilation of pastpapers maybe?
  8. R

    9709 p12 2019

    hi guys how did you find the paper?
  9. A


    HELLO, Everyone, I am appearing for pak studies this year on 30 April. and need help in the following questions: 1. Why was the second round table conference of 1931 unsuccessful? (nov 2009) 2. why did Jinnah produce his fourteen points in 1929? (Jun 2010) Both questions carry 7 marks. plz...
  10. S

    ICT 9626 : Video editing-Transitions cause problems...

    Whenever I try to add transitions to my clips using movie maker, the clips length is disturbed...The captions show up in the next clip, a little ahead from where I put them and the overall video's length decreases. I was wondering if you could just skip the transitions and follow the rest of...
  11. Z


    Could please provide 0510 ESL Speaking topics for May June 2019? NEED URGENT HELP!!
  12. B

    O/N 2018 Biology Pastpapers available

    Hello all, ON 2018 5090 biology pastpapers will be available from the site below on 1st november 2018. In the mean time enjoy the resources I have uploaded to the site, including some papers of i created myself to test your understanding. Dont forget to leave a comment and a like on the site...
  13. Thought blocker

    As/A level student? Must look at this!

    This thread is only for the ones who are taking any of the following subjects: Further Math, Math, Physics, Chemistry. Hello all, Once I was one of the most active members of XPC. I have come back for a purpose. Firstly, I want to know how many of you guys doing As/A level wants to score...
  14. M


    This is the 2018 February March Paper 4 chemistry Variant 42, hopefully it helps some of you
  15. D

    Grades good enough for UK

    Hello. I have received 3Cs and 3Ds in IGCSE and 2Ds in AS level. With the blessing of Allah, I may get 2Ds in A level as well if I'm lucky. Are these grades good enough to go to university in UK? I am among the smartest kids in my class.
  16. MARZ132000

    Did CIE As Level Pure mathametics paper 12 got leaked?

    Is it true that the exam got leaked since the colour of the exam paper was yellow, meaning that CIE sent replacement papers? If so, who leaked it and how did CIE get to know?
  17. P

    A Level guess papers M/J 2018

    Hey guys this is my first post. Post any guess papers/expected questions here. :)
  18. F

    9626 March 2018 Paper 4

    Did anyone do the March 2018 Paper 4 for 9626? If so, can I know what came in the exam?
  19. G

    IGCSE German Foreign Language 0525/03 Speaking Exam

    Although there are a total of 9 Role Play Cards, only 6 different Role Plays are created; A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, & B3. Each candidate receives 2 different combinations of these 6, an A & a B. Many don’t know this, but Cambridge always follows a pattern with these Role Plays. Attached is an image...
  20. Killer707

    Computer Science Pre-Release Material?

    What is the pre-release material for computer science and will the same question in the pre-release material come in the CIE? If that's the case , we can easily remember the solution to it and attempt the question. Any help is appreciated, thank you!