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  1. B

    Requesting Aid: Looking for a book for As level English language 9093

    Good Day everyone. My name is Nicholas, currently I am self-studying AS-level English Language. I won't lie, it has been challenging getting my head around a subject which has no right or wrong answers. Researching the internet, I came across a recent thread...
  2. S

    A in English Language 9093 Paper 4 despite less effort?

    Hello friends, I am new over here. Nice to meet you all. I was wondering about skipping one topic from paper 4 as in not practicing one of the 3 questions since we are supposed to answer only 2 question out of the 3. In my case that would be "Language acquisition by children and teenagers"...
  3. TheStride

    Free Online Classes for Pakistan Studies, Business Studies, Economics and English Language.

    We are offering free online classes for the following O level subjects: -Business Studies -Economics -English Language -Pakistan Studies Those who are interested, leave us a message or send us an email at [email protected]
  4. C

    O'Level English Language CIE a Year Early?

    Hey guys. So I'm currently in grade 10 and like other schools, I'll be taking the PakStudies and Islamiyat CIES in May 2018. I also wanted to take my English Language CIE with them because I feel that I can prepare in time, and am confident that I'll grab an A grade. Have you or any of your...
  5. K

    Links to books needed for English Language AS/A-Level (9093)

    Hello, I am doing English Language and I'd very greatly appreciate it if someone could link me to some e-books (PDFs) for AS/A-Level. Preferably something which covers everything from P1 to P4. I am aware of the books by Helen Toner and Mike Gould, but I don't have access to the ebooks of...
  6. T

    English language 1123

    Can someone please post all the example candidate response booklets released by Cambridge in existence for English language(1123)? Or, direct me to a link where I can find them. Thanks
  7. S

    AS English in Feb 2017 <less than 10 days left>

    Hey there! Guys please help with AS Level English. My paper is on the 21st and 24th of February'17. Feels like no time left, indeed there's no time. I would be more than grateful if you people can help me, please. Cheers!
  8. C

    English Language 9093 Paper 1 help

    Hi everyone, Hope all of you are doing well. As I am a private candidate and I am self studying for the May exams, I have no teacher to review my English papers. If anyone who's appeared for this exam and has achieved a grade B or higher can help me out by seeing whether my commentary is up to...
  9. I

    How to get A* and A's in your A-Levels

    Hey guys, I've uploaded my full proof plan on how I achieved my A-Levels and what distinguishes you as an A* student in the exam on www.crimsonbunnydotcom.wordpress.com My A-levels were Sociology, Psychology, English Language, Biology and Law. Let me know if you guys want me to write on how...
  10. F

    A Level English Language 9093

    Hello, everyone. My English teacher and I have been searching for resources for 9093 for quite a while and were unable to find anything of substance. Could anyone help? Please post links to any resources you have for this syllabus code; we need Paper 3 and 4 (A2) resources.