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    Hello everyone, I hope you're all feeling great. I have compiled links for sites, YT videos, PPTs, etc., in a single file for various IGCSE subjects, despite the fact that it was primarily made for IGCSEs, It can still be used for GCSEs, O-Levels, and exam boards other than C(A)IE, in fact, some...
  2. Bittersweet Queen

    A level Coursebook Suggestions

    Can someone suggest A levels Psychology. sociology, English and media arts coursebooks? Also if anyone has any ideas for online tuition on these subjects. Thank you!
  3. D

    English O level (1120) needed

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone has access to English O level past year papers for the code (1120)? Preferably from 2008 - 2018 papers. Need it urgently.
  4. S


    Okay so basically, I’ve looked through ever past paper website but I’m unable to find English inserts, all of them have been removed due to copyright issues, is there any website where I can find them? Thank you in advance!!
  5. P


    Can anyone please tell me the listening topics with clues for igcse english endorsement paper 5 oct/nov 2017?
  6. D


  7. A

    Need help! English checkpoint

    I have my checkpoint English exam very soon. I practiced all of the past papers and when I did the mock exam I got 42 / 50 :( Any suggestions?? I need a good grade! what can I practice??Thank you:)
  8. O

    IGCSE English Oral Topics 0511

    Has anyone got the topics for english Oral 0511 (Count in speaking) of the May June 2017 session? Please help
  9. tamoor

    *please help*IS c in english a bad grade?+Will giving exams in 3 sittings will effect my future?

    hi I have two questions I have recently given two papers in oct/nov and my result came out today I have b in urdu and c in english is c a bad grade in english + I am sending my admission for may papers but can't decide which subjects to choose,should I give all remaining six subjects or four...
  10. F

    ESL (0510/0511) Free Listening, Reading & Writing Resources

    2019 ESL Syllabus & Papers Full Listening Paper – FREE Practice ESL Exam – Free Tell & Throw – Breaking the ice Example Candidate Responses NEW! Letters & Articles Collection Writing Samples – Ghaazee School Summary – Student’s Response Helium – Note making Describing weather like a pro! Beauty...
  11. R

    English 9093 book

    Aoa. I'm looking for an ebook for english 9093 A level, if anyone has one and would like to share it'd be really appreciated.
  12. SirAslan

    Zone 4, November 2016 CIE IGCSE examinations,Practical Paper Sharing InB4?

    Would be useful if we share the Practical papers just before the exam starts in our various zones....Planning ahead anyone? >Practical papers only...they always get leaked.-_0....
  13. Emily DB

    Entry Requirements for applying college

    Hi! i want to apply to a university in UK and there are some requirements include A-Levels, IB Diploma. But my school didn't use !B and we dont learn anything even told about A Levels. How i should enter? or maybe how/where i could get A Levels certificates here and an alternate to fulfill the...
  14. Shin lol

    General paper help

    i am doing the general paper in oct/nov for better grade i want atleast a C but dont know how to get it.
  15. IGCSE_Girl

    Help with O level English

    Hello Everyone. Help me out. In my english P1, I did the narrative story writing. The line given was 'I was calling my sister after sometime but on this occasion I just had to call her' I wrote my story but in my story I wrote I was calling my sister after 10 years. Now 10 years is not 'some...
  16. F

    A Level English Language 9093

    Hello, everyone. My English teacher and I have been searching for resources for 9093 for quite a while and were unable to find anything of substance. Could anyone help? Please post links to any resources you have for this syllabus code; we need Paper 3 and 4 (A2) resources.
  17. K

    Past Year Papers Compilation Request

    hi ill be taking my Os this summer and i'd be very grateful if someone can compile or share a compilation for English (1123) past year papers since i couldn't find an existing compilation for it here in xtremepapers... thank you.
  18. F

    Complete ESL Listening Paper for Grade 7 - Free

    Get your free copy! Download http://ibatefl.com/?p=1118
  19. F

    IGCSE ESL Materials and Resources

    Tonnes of free ESL materials, listening questions, writing questions, tips and many more resources! You can even purchase brand new Cambridge Quality ESL papers from the STORE visit www.ibatefl.com

    First Language English(0500)- Post your doubts here:

    Hey all! Any queries/ doubts about English(0500)? Post it here..and I'll try my best to solve it!