1. P

    Premium Online IGCSE Tuition In Malaysia

    Hello students, This is a good news for those who want to improve their grades with minimal effort. Pasxcel is the leading IGCSE tuition provider in Malaysia providing 100% money back pass guarantee. The best thing is the schedule is flexible and you can access class recordings any time. Feel...
  2. A

    Need notes to understand the basic concepts of Mathematics B

    I need notes to understand tge basic concepts of Mathematics B IGCSE O LEVEL EDEXCEL
  3. B

    Chatroom for exams?

    Is there any chatroom for texting about the upcoming exams? I think that it would be very helpful for every single person here. Should we make a Telegram group?
  4. P

    Save My Exams classified Answers (FREE)

    Does anyone want the savemyexams classified answers for free? if so let me know
  5. P

    Save My Exams classified Answers (FREE)

    Does anyone want the savemyexams classified answers for free? if so let me know
  6. P

    Save My Exams classified Answers (FREE)

    Does anyone want the savemyexams classified answers for free? if so let me know
  7. Mohaimin1

    Extra Subject OLEVELS

    I have recently shifted from Bahawalpur to Islamabad. In Bahawalpur I couldnt opt for an extra subject in Olevels but since I am in Islamabad, I am thinking to opt an extra subject. I am in last year of Olevels so tell me a subject which can easily be prepared in a year. Any subject which can...
  8. D

    CAIE May/June 2018 IGCSE Question Papers, Mark Scheme and Grade Thresholds are available!

    Hi everyone! The question papers, mark scheme and grade thresholds of June 2018 session are available for most of the subjects click on the subjects to get the resources. First Language English (Oral Endorsement) 0500 Second Language English (Speaking Endorsement) 0510 Geography 0460...
  9. D

    May/ June 2018 O, AS & A Level Question Papers,Mark Scheme,Grade Thresholds are now available!

    Hi everyone! This is to inform you all that CAIE May/June 2018 question papers, mark scheme, and grade thresholds are now available! For now O Levels are uploaded. In a while IGCSE, AS and A Level shall be uploaded as well! O Level Business Studies Chemistry Principles of Accounts Pakistan...
  10. M


    This is the 2018 February March Paper 4 Physics Variant 42, hopefully it helps some of you
  11. S

    Need IGCSE Art and Design 2018 may june paper 1

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had access to the art and design paper. The paper has been available to teachers since january of this year so it should be available. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could provide me with the paper. Thanks
  12. M


    This is the 2018 February March Paper 4 chemistry Variant 42, hopefully it helps some of you
  13. D

    Grades good enough for UK

    Hello. I have received 3Cs and 3Ds in IGCSE and 2Ds in AS level. With the blessing of Allah, I may get 2Ds in A level as well if I'm lucky. Are these grades good enough to go to university in UK? I am among the smartest kids in my class.
  14. Crysta Line


    Theres a specimen paper for the paper 6 in maths 0607/ international math. Could someone please tell me the topics for it ? And where does cie get those paper 6 from is it higher math? Please help me
  15. F

    A Star Article - English as a Second Language

    Some people believe that we should stop wasting money on fun and entertainment. Instead they argue that investing money on staying healthy by buying good food is more worthwhile. What do you think? GOOD FOOD OVER EXTRAVAGANZA Don’t you think it is high time we thought about caring for our own...
  16. F

    0510 English as a Second Language Past Papers & Tracks (1995-2017)

    Hello folks! Just wanted to share this! IGCSE ESL Past Papers http://eslmojo.com/papers-schemes IGCSE ESL Listening tracks http://eslmojo.com/listening-tracks
  17. studyingrobot457

    Cambridge IGCSE ICT practicals discussion

    Hey folks, few days left to practicals, how are you guys preparing, everything is fine??
  18. studyingrobot457

    [100 DAY COUNTDOWN] 2018 may/june IGCSE/O-level exams discussion [OFFICIAL]

    Hi pals! it is now almost 100 days left till the start of exams, so lets utilise this thread for discussion about the exams, but before that, list down the subjects you are taking, and please don't leave this thread to die, we will need it in april and may (y) My subjects: IGCSE...
  19. C

    IGCSE October/November 2017 CIE results order of syllabuses

    Hey guys, I recently came across a thread entitled 'CIE online results - order of syllabuses (and a logical analysis)' was posted on this forum back in 2015 I am receiving my CIE results for my IGCEs in less than a week and I was wondering whether the order by which the subjects appear in are...
  20. Adeen Atif

    Recommended A'Level colleges or schools in Karachi?

    If having scholarships then mention. Thanks in advance :)