1. M

    Need key book/solution book for Pure Mathematics.

    Please i need keybook/solution book of Pure mathematics urgently ..kindly if anyone have pdf of it please shar or kindly share cam scan picture of book .
  2. Slyvre

    Looking For: CDs of O-Level Cambridge IGCSE Coursebooks (EOCQ Answers)

    Hi, I've been scouring the internet for some time now, and I cannot seem to find the CDs for several coursebooks. These include: - Cambridge IGCSE Biology Coursebook by Mary Jones and Geoff Jones CD - Cambridge IGCSE Physics Coursebook by David Sang CD - Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry Coursebook by...
  3. slimsyed

    Is doing 6 o level subjects okay? and will i get admitted to a levels without islamiyat?

    Is doing 6 o level subjects okay? and will I get admitted to a level without Islamiyat? also, Will 6 subjects put me at a great disadvantage when applying for ivy leagues?
  4. U


    Hi, I was looking at papers, and saw they say to chose any two surahs and then explain there teaching and importance. Does that mean I would need to explain the teaching of two surah to get 4 marks in Q1 (a) or do I only need to explain 1 surah. Please help me out, quarantine is making me go...
  5. M. Haris Wajid

    Can we use resources outside of the syllabus in Islamiyat?

    Hello. Can we use books and resources that contain material which is not in the books and resources of the syllabus? If we use material relevant to the question which isn't in the syllabus books in our Islamiyat exams, does it still count?
  6. M

    Need Guidance Regarding IBCC

    Asalam O Alaikum friends! Recently my sister got a U in Accounting O-Levels. Can she still get an equivalence certificate because she will be doing F.A and they need it. And can you tell me what is the minimum % in equivalence needed to get into F.A courses ?
  7. J

    Add Math Book for o levels

    Hey Guys. I really need the book for add mathematics by ho soo thong. I would appreciate if someone could upload it here.
  8. D

    English O level (1120) needed

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone has access to English O level past year papers for the code (1120)? Preferably from 2008 - 2018 papers. Need it urgently.
  9. ShadyTLC

    Computer Science (2210)

    Are the data size conversions acceptable if we use 1000 instead of 1024 ?
  10. S


    Okay so basically, I’ve looked through ever past paper website but I’m unable to find English inserts, all of them have been removed due to copyright issues, is there any website where I can find them? Thank you in advance!!
  11. J

    Website to view past papers like topical

    Hi guys, Is there/would there be a demand for a website where you could see past exams like they are in a topical? For anyone not familiar with topicals, its a book where past exams are broken down by subjects instead of by session. I think I could potentially make this for limited subjects...
  12. narrystolenv

    biology notes 2017 igcse

    can someone send me biology notes o'level IGCSE thnx in advance...
  13. narrystolenv


  14. tamoor

    *please help*IS c in english a bad grade?+Will giving exams in 3 sittings will effect my future?

    hi I have two questions I have recently given two papers in oct/nov and my result came out today I have b in urdu and c in english is c a bad grade in english + I am sending my admission for may papers but can't decide which subjects to choose,should I give all remaining six subjects or four...
  15. MuhammadShaheer

    Sociology Help Help!

    Hi guys Recently I have taken Sociology in O level I vowed to study it by myself but most people are suggesting me to take tuition as You don't know answering patterns and methodology My first Question is Q1] Can I prepare it by myself without tuition? Q2]From where I can learn about answering...
  16. A*****

    Aggregate For Medical

    Heyy can anybody plz tell me that how is the aggregate calculated for medical universities if O level and FSC is done?? (will the O level marks be included in the 40% for FSC, like they do for A level?)
  17. H

    O'Level Examinations (Answer Needed Immediately)

    Hi Everyone! As we all know that we can give the exams of Urdu,Islamiat and Pakistan Studies at the end of the 2nd year of O'level. My question is that 1. if we are not satisfied with our grades in these papers , can we give them again in the third year with the remaining subjects? 2. Suppose...
  18. W

    Notes on Reproduction and Inheritance

    Heyy guys, i badly need notes on reproduction in plants and human being and also inheritance (like production of insulin etc.) please help! inshallah