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  1. S

    Pakistan Studies Geography Notes/O Levels/IGCSE

    Sources: Benchmark Academy, GCEGuide Compiled by Me A* Guaranteed Notes Essential Maps and Diagrams Included!
  2. A

    That damned Nigel Kelly book... (Pak Studies O level)

    Thread to discuss the History and Culture of Pakistan by Nigel Kelly. P.S Can anyone tell me the chapter titles for the first seven chapters? I can't find my book and my exams are in a week or two... ( or the pdf of the book? I'll take either)
  3. Zeezeee112

    Grade Thresholds

    Does anyone else think that grade thresholds for winter 2020 examinations will be higher than they usually are?
  4. JesterDragon

    Does anybody have geography topical past papers from recent years?

    All in the title. The most recent I could find is from 2000-12. That's more or less irrelevant. If anyone has newer geography past papers(TOPICAL), I'd really appreciate it if they could send it! Need it for my exams.
  5. I

    18 days till CIEs!

    Hello. I’m really worried about these cies as only 18 days are left. I’ve joined sir umar khans past paper session and I’m going to study only the past papers now. My problem is that I’ve never completely read section three and around 3/4 chapters of geo but now there is no time to do so and...
  6. S

    Help needed!!

    I'm giving pak studies in may june 2018 and i am terribly prepared for it! I need some help in knowing the less important stuff in both history and geography so that at least I can get the important one done in time. so... is it absolutely necassary to learn the first chapter of history? the one...
  7. V

    Pak Studies Notes

    Hello everyone. I need some Pak studies history notes, mainly only section 3. I've heard of Junaid Akhtar and Dr. Iftikhar. If anyone can send their section 3 history notes, it would really be appreciated. Thanks
  8. hamaad khan orakzai

    Junaid Akhtar Pak studies Notes

    JUNAID AKHTAR PAK STUDIES NOTES After searching for hours and hours, finally found them. Thought to upload them, and share with you guys. All i want is prayers, Pray for me to get straight A*, in my exams. Insha Allah :) Enjoy!!! P.S: Moderators please delete my other threads,titled as...
  9. hamaad khan orakzai

    Pak studies help

    Does anybody have notes of Junaid Akhtar for Pak studies, if yes, Please attach it, would really appreciate
  10. hamaad khan orakzai

    Pak studies help

    does anybody have notes of Junaid Akhtar for Pak studies? if yes, please attach them. would much appreciate :)