1. F

    Self-studying for CIE A Level Physics practicals

    I am a mature student planning to sit CIE A Level Physics (9702) exam. Generally, I have not had problems with understanding physics and will be able to prepare for theoretical papers through self-study, but two practical papers of this exam make me worry. I almost did not have any laboratory...
  2. DeadbeatCIE


    Discuss anything to do with chem practical 34 which will be on 31st may over here. It's relatively safer to say that Titration WILL be there cos CIE examiners haven't lost their minds.......yet.
  3. Zenn99

    AS Chemistry 33 paper

    Any predictions on what might come for the paper??? pls update me. i believe the titration's an iodine thiosulfate one, not sure though. reply soon, the exam's day after tomorrow and i'd really like to have some idea on what could be in the paper.(y)
  4. Chicken Curry

    Physics: Doubts about error bars in graphs for Paper5.

    Can someone plz help regarding plotting error bars
  5. W

    ICT paper M/J, 22/0417, any info?

    Anybody got any info from paper 22 May/June, got the exam the next morning, and any info would be great!!!
  6. Adeelissoscrewed

    Centre for practicals for private canditates in karachi

    Hey, i am planning to appear for Alevel practicals for physics chemistry and biology in May/June 2017. I cant find any centers that could host practicals for private candidates in Karachi. If someone is aware of any such centers, please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you.
  7. Akshajistari

    Salt/Qualitative Analysis for P3 Chemistry

    Hey guys So I was wondering if anyone had any good tips and tricks to use for the last question in Paper 3 for CIE A level Chemistry... Our school hasn't given us that much practice on it, and I am very nervous about it because it will definitely appear in the exam :(:sick::unsure: Help would...
  8. Y

    Chemistry O/N2011 Graph help pleaseee

    Hello, Please see attached files, I know nobody would be cool enough to help with the whole paper and post step by step explanation for it lol .However Please do anyone :) but Please I am zero at graphs ,Can somebody tell me the main things about graphs and particularly post the answer to the...