CAIE Oct/Nov 2020 session discussion

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CAIE Oct/Nov 2020 session is starting soon, join the others who are too..
Feel free to share any useful study threads, revision material or just post how you are feeling!

This is the thread to post anything to do with your CAIE Oct/Nov 2020 session, so feel free to moan, panic, or scream into your computer to your heart's desire. :giggle:

The important thing is, we're in this boat together, so this is the place to post that question you were too afraid to ask a bunch of strangers about or to vent at when something is getting you down, and maybe have some fun along the way!

Icebreakers :coffee:
  • Introduce yourself
  • What are your hobbies/interests?
  • What subjects are you studying?
  • What is/are your favourite and least favourite subject(s)?
  • What are the grades that you want this year?
  • What are your predicted grades?
  • What is your ideal future occupation?
  • How are you feeling about starting CAIE Oct/Nov 2019 session?