Challenging Questions Sets (with worked solutions) for STEM A* A-level students/aiming for Oxbridge

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I put these together during as part of my revision in year 13 and thought it would be helpful for others.
Includes questions on chemistry (AQA), physics (OCR), maths (AQA) and further maths (AQA).

Probably the most useful are the multiple choice questions (one document of these per subject). They're much harder than your average questions and great for practising to spot the sneaky tricks the real exams sometimes put in.
Fully worked solutions are also given. These questions have been sourced from a wide range of places - past papers, uni admissions tests, other countries' exams, etc but all have been made sure to still be within UK a-level specifications.

Hope these are of use to some!

(my first time on this site, hope i'm posting right lol)