1. J

    Private Candidate

    Hey guys. So I was hoping to take A level exams for Physics and Mathematics(Basic)? Is that possible to privately register for that exam? Also, can somebody explain it to me how many papers would I be appearing. I cant seem to understand the pattern for that. I checked out some past papers and...
  2. R

    need some good websites for revision

    hi can any of you recommend me some good websites for alevel cie? i need worked solutions for maths(9709) physics (9702) and biology and chemistry. it would be great if you could provide some files too.a compilation of pastpapers maybe?
  3. S

    CIE O/N 2018 Examiner Reports? (Sciences & Maths)

    Hey there! i was scavenging through the internet trying to find these but couldn't If any of you guys have the examiner reports for october november 2018 for physics chem bio & maths i would really appreciate if you could attach them here! Thanks alot in advance
  4. S


    Hey! so im in As and i have to give my exams in May. If anyone has helpful notes and resources for As math, physics., chemistry and biology please do post them on this thread. Also, any advice from people who have done alevels and helpful tips would be really really appreciated. (Stressing &...
  5. H

    Does anybody have topic-wise O’level papers

    i need topic wise o’level papers please..... Physics p1 p2 p4 Biology p1 p2 p6 Chemistry p1 p2 p4 Maths p2 p4 IF ANYBODY HAS THESE PAPERS IM LOOKING FOR PLEASE DONT IGNORE I NEED TOPIC-WISE PAPERS ONLY....THANK YOU
  6. M


    This is the 2018 February March Paper 4 Physics Variant 42, hopefully it helps some of you
  7. I

    People who gave F/M 2018 a level papers please help

    I take Bio, Physics and Chemistry, (A2) and giving my M/J 2018 papers, could you please tell me how the papers were? were they easier than the 2017 papers? Can you please tell me what questions they asked
  8. I

    Physics Paper 4

    Can anyone give tips on Physics paper 4 plz!!!!
  9. D

    OCR 2017 june papers needed urgent

    It's said that papers will be out in early may and it's almost end of April but i don't think anywhere papers are released for 2017 june so if anyone has them please do provide me ...
  10. A

    Tips for private candidates?

    Hi everyone! I am in a very weird situation, due to some reason, I am going to be sitting in this May/June exam season as a private candidate in Karachi. I am a university student who gave his intermediate and matric exams and not very familiar with the a/o examination stuff. Can you guys advise...
  11. J

    Website to view past papers like topical

    Hi guys, Is there/would there be a demand for a website where you could see past exams like they are in a topical? For anyone not familiar with topicals, its a book where past exams are broken down by subjects instead of by session. I think I could potentially make this for limited subjects...
  12. M

    Physics May/June 2005 paper 2

    Guys can somebody please help me solve question 8 in May/June 2005 paper 2 Physics??
  13. Fluf Dude

    Edexcel physics and chemistry notes unit 1

    Some of us are doing our chemistry and physics as level unit 1 in January 2018. I was wondering if anybody has good notes? I know about physicsandmathtutor but I'm asking for chemistry too. Any help would be appreciated :D
  14. M. Beissaam

    Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology

    Guys, please put files in this thread or link me upto other files... make sure they are of help to me and all the others who view it... Any from the above subjects and I'll be grateful of your help :)
  15. S

    hunter and the monkey question of kinematics

    a hunter armed with a bow and arrow, takes direct aim at a monkey hanging from the branch of a tree. At that instant that the hunter release the arrow, the monkey takes evasive action by releasing it hold on the branch. By setting up relevant equation for the motion of the monkey and the motion...
  16. C

    Physics AS Level Can I still get an A???

    Hello. I got an A in physics as. But when i went to find out my components it turned out to be A B C. Can i still get an A in full alevels If i work hard and get component A's in both Paper 4 and 5????
  17. Q

    Tutoring physics, chemistry, mathematics( additional and extended) and biology

    I am conducting physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology Skype sessions at usd 20 :hr. I have scored A* in the IGCSE for these subjects and 7/7 for IB. Feel free to contact me at: [email protected]
  18. Q

    Tutoring physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics(extended and additional)

    I am conducting Skype sessions for physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics at 20 usd an hour. I have scored A* in these exams before and have finished my IB with 7/7 on each subject. Please contact me at: [email protected]
  19. F

    Self-studying for CIE A Level Physics practicals

    I am a mature student planning to sit CIE A Level Physics (9702) exam. Generally, I have not had problems with understanding physics and will be able to prepare for theoretical papers through self-study, but two practical papers of this exam make me worry. I almost did not have any laboratory...
  20. Herpzlord

    Physics Paper 34 : Predictions and Discussion

    Hello Guys, Let's discuss the possible question that can occur for Physics 34 practical exam. I heard that there is no electricity this time.