1. R

    need some good websites for revision

    hi can any of you recommend me some good websites for alevel cie? i need worked solutions for maths(9709) physics (9702) and biology and chemistry. it would be great if you could provide some files too.a compilation of pastpapers maybe?
  2. R

    9709 p12 2019

    hi guys how did you find the paper?
  3. S

    CIE O/N 2018 Examiner Reports? (Sciences & Maths)

    Hey there! i was scavenging through the internet trying to find these but couldn't If any of you guys have the examiner reports for october november 2018 for physics chem bio & maths i would really appreciate if you could attach them here! Thanks alot in advance
  4. S


    Hey! so im in As and i have to give my exams in May. If anyone has helpful notes and resources for As math, physics., chemistry and biology please do post them on this thread. Also, any advice from people who have done alevels and helpful tips would be really really appreciated. (Stressing &...
  5. Suhayb7


    for allpeople who need mathswatch am selling it at $25 nologin require over 200 videos
  6. Mehadi Hassan

    Maths P3 & S2 Chapter wise questions.

    Hi, Is there any chapter wise past papers with solution (if possible ;)) for pure maths 3 and statistic 2. If there please shear it.(y) Thank you for you time and patience.
  7. K

    Pure Math 3 (9709) Past Paper Collection

    I have put all past papers into a pdf file but I cannot upload the whole file. Please clicked the attached file and click google drive - download in 2nd page. You will receive the full file. Please feel free to comment. Thanks.
  8. H

    Does anybody have topic-wise O’level papers

    i need topic wise o’level papers please..... Physics p1 p2 p4 Biology p1 p2 p6 Chemistry p1 p2 p4 Maths p2 p4 IF ANYBODY HAS THESE PAPERS IM LOOKING FOR PLEASE DONT IGNORE I NEED TOPIC-WISE PAPERS ONLY....THANK YOU
  9. hassanraza287

    Add Maths Teacher needed

    I wanted to know which teacher is the best option for choosing for studying Add Maths privately for O Level. also where do they teach, and if possible their number too. thanks.
  10. D

    May June 2018

    Hello friends, I know we all are trying rigorously to get good grades in our upcoming exam of May June session and in that context I would like to know if anyone from India has given the recent exams of March 2018 and remembers any questions asked to him or her . If anyone wants to share then...
  11. Rishi R. Kataria

    [Request] New Additional Mathematics by Ho Soo Thong Ebook

    Hi (I am not sure where to post this.) I need the Ebook for the New Additional Mathematics by ho soo thong. If you have the ebook, please share the link. Regards
  12. E

    Edexcel textbooks A level

    Hey guys, would anyone have any working links for the following books? - AS Biology and AS Chemistry by Hodder Education - AS Biology and AS Chemistry Activebook or even the pdf version of the paperback version is alright Also would anyone have any useful video links/channels for A levels BIO...
  13. M. Beissaam

    Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology

    Guys, please put files in this thread or link me upto other files... make sure they are of help to me and all the others who view it... Any from the above subjects and I'll be grateful of your help :)
  14. krishnapatelzz

    All A-levels resources !!!!! everything that u need before exams

    watch the video how u get all resources for freee {video is loading below }
  15. krishnapatelzz


  16. krishnapatelzz

    Anyone having mechanics resources/notes

    please share your notes or resources
  17. R

    O1 Syllabus? Mathematics

    Could someone help me out. I'm about to start teaching tuitions for O-levels, and I would appreciate it if someone could tell me the syllabus of whats done generally in O1 in school, preferably the city school for the subject of Maths?
  18. O

    Calculator for Alevels Maths exam

    Hi! I wanted to know is Casio fx-991EX allowed in Alevels Maths exam? The box says so, but I just wanted to confirm! Thanks!
  19. narrystolenv


  20. kity way

    notes for vectors for extended maths 0580?

    does anyone have any notes for vectors, but not for additional maths, im looking for extended thnx