Mathematics: Post your doubts here!

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Welp, finally done with my exams.

Anyone else did 32 today?
Yeah how was it? Fine paper but not enough time. Still did well enough to get an A* - best case scenario would be 71, worst case scenario would be 68 so I'll lose 5-6 marks I'm guessing.
Forgot about the constant in differential equation so one mark lost there, didn't attempt the expand sin(3x+x) and sin(3x-x) part at all as I ran out of time. So losing 4 marks and I could lose 3 more potentially for method marks in AB=2rcosx proof and differential equation part(ii) which was one mark(differential equation question was a repeat from march 2016 question 7 and the mark scheme only says 'justify statement' for part ii which is very vague).

Overall, everyone had problem with timing so threshold would be about 57-59 for an A in p3 and A* in maths will be about 228-230.