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Physics, Chemistry and Biology: Post your doubts here!

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State two features for each of the anthropods classess(insects,crustaceans,arachnids,and myriapods) that distinguishes it from others
  • Insects:
  • three pairs of legs
  • body divided into head, abdomen and thorax
  • one pair of antennae
  • one pair of compound eyes
  • usually have two pairs of wings
  • Crustacea:
  • five or more pairs of limbs
  • body divided into cephalothorax (combined head and thorax) and abdomen
  • two pairs of antennae
  • one pair of compound eyes
  • exoskeleton often forms a hard covering over most of the body
  • Arachnids:
  • four pairs of legs
  • body divided into cephlathorax and abdomen
  • no antennae
  • several pairs of simple eyes
  • pair of pedipalps adapted for biting and poisoning preys
  • Myriapods:
  • 10 or more pairs of leg (usually one pair per segment)
  • body not obviously divided into thorax and abdomen
  • one pair of antennae
  • simple eyes
You can write any of the two