Tips for private candidates?

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Hi everyone!
I am in a very weird situation, due to some reason, I am going to be sitting in this May/June exam season as a private candidate in Karachi. I am a university student who gave his intermediate and matric exams and not very familiar with the a/o examination stuff. Can you guys advise me on what to bring for the exam day? I will be giving papers for Math, physics and chemistry and while I know that I have the syllabus covered, i didn't actually prepare for the practicals examination (because i had no time, i barely managed to finish the syllabus in the past month.) is there ANYTHING i can do about that? some last minute classes or anything? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

P.S. I had no other choice but to sign up for the examinations, i know its very unlikely I will pass but in order to get in a university once my family shifts abroad this august, i had to take the risk.