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  1. V


    Please explain the following question with answer!! i don't get it :(( it is from OCT/NOV 18 P11
  2. A

    Chemistry P34?

    Has anyone got any clue about paper 34,predictions or literally anything..Please let me know I messed up my p2,and being a private student,I couldn't practice p3 much
  3. S

    ICT 9626 : Video editing-Transitions cause problems...

    Whenever I try to add transitions to my clips using movie maker, the clips length is disturbed...The captions show up in the next clip, a little ahead from where I put them and the overall video's length decreases. I was wondering if you could just skip the transitions and follow the rest of...
  4. G

    Resitting individual component

    hello guys? I sat in AS Bio exam in May/June session and got C. And I found out my component scores and realized that the score of paper 1 negatively impacted my overall score and lowered it. I asked my teacher if it is possible to retake only individual component which is paper 1, and he said...
  5. MShaheerUddin

    Anybody that can help with AS Chemistry

    I want someone to help me with chemistry problems ( AS ) "readily" Anybody?
  6. N

    A-level Chemistry book VERY urgent!!!

    Hey All! I have been searching for this book pdf online, and wasn't able to find it. If anyone has or can get it please send the link, I need this book. Book Details: Name: Calculations in AS/A Level Chemistry Author: Jim Clark Thankss
  7. agb2000_

    Please post topical past year papers for AS levels.

    Exams will be starting very soon in school and I was hoping that someone could post their topical AS level past year paper questions for physics, chemistry and computer science to revise. Any help will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. SirAslan

    I need explanation on AS level ''components''

    Ex: Chemistry -12 Multiple choice 12 22 AS Level Structured Questions 22 34 Advanced Practical Skills 34 Question A- I have a friend..Who lives in bangalore...who's writing the same AS level exams...Will he get the same components' like...
  9. C

    IT 9626 Paper 2 new course

    Hey guys, does anyone have the files of the 9626 paper 2 India had in February? Apparently Qatar also had it yesterday. Anything is helpful! Source files or just the questions are incredibly useful. If anyone has anything please shoot me a dm or email me at [email protected] PLEASE! I'm...
  10. W

    SATs vs A2. Confused! Please help!

    Hi. I'm currently taking my Biology AS-Level exams, and going to take Physics and Chemistry AS exams in May/June (actually because of a medical condition, I had to withdraw from physics and chemistry for this october/november session, and they are either going to refund the exam fees or postpone...
  11. S

    Cambridge AS and A Level Book Collection

    These are all the books I could collect. I hope it helps everyone out there :'D
  12. jeezneesha

    Chem, phys and math tutors

    Hey guys! I really need tuitions for chem, physics and math. If you guys know any good tutors in Jeddah please let me know along with their charges Thank you!
  13. Swanash

    Statistics S1 A* Practice papers

    Statistics S1 A* Practice papers
  14. A

    9713 AICT P2+P4

    is everyone taking the p2 on the 21st of march and the p4 on the 23rd of march? isnt there anyone taking it earlier or something?
  15. A

    Can I really achieve it

  16. M

    Computer Science: Post your doubts here!

    There wasn't any fixed thread for this subject in the CIE section , therefore I created one so that we can post our questions and I hope others will help to answer them. :)