1. Celine kojkar

    Help needed for university enrollment

    Hello, so I've been in a conundrum... I had some family issues which resulted in my dropping highschool against my will. I really want to continue my education and go to a University but I want to also make up for lost time. So here's the deal: 1) I live in Saudi and cannot leave the country at...
  2. Ammad7

    When will A Level Exams take place for batch 2020?

    I'm in A1 right now.... my A level started 2 months ago. I want to ask that when will A level exams take place and do they take place one by one? What is the methodology? Someone plz answer my question....
  3. J


    I recently got my Alevel Physics 9702 result, got an A, got my component grades, I have A’s in all components except for the practical component, I have a C in it. I am thinking of a remark, do you think it can increase my grade to an A*? I checked the markscheme, there is a possibility of...
  4. furuta

    PLEASE HELP ME!!! Repeating chemistry !!!

    helloo so im thinking about repeating chemistry bc I got a C in it. (AS). I missed my B by one mark. Is it possible to up my grade to a B without repeating ? Because I’m very stressed about how I’ll manage to repeat when I have A2 to study too, for chem, physics and bio. Please guide me ): thank...
  5. S

    Chem 9710 paper 33 help

    Hey Guys, So my practical test is in 20 days and I have never actually done a chemistry practical due to a very lazy teacher :( So any advice on how to pass and maybe get above a B, how to approach the questions and calculations will be very appreciated. I am actualy very worried about this and...
  6. Nicole Serman


    I'm in desperate need of help from you guys. My computer's hard disc has suddenly shutdown and all my biology past papers are GONE!! I want to revise biology by solving the past papers AGAIN !! Only few days are left for my Exams!! Please please please HELP ME OUT by giving me websites of past...