1. M

    Need Guidance Regarding IBCC

    Asalam O Alaikum friends! Recently my sister got a U in Accounting O-Levels. Can she still get an equivalence certificate because she will be doing F.A and they need it. And can you tell me what is the minimum % in equivalence needed to get into F.A courses ?
  2. M

    Needed some help regarding A-Level IBCC Equivalence

    Hello everyone! I did my O-Levels through Edexcel and A-Levels through CIE Can someone tell me what to write in the following below: 1. Title of Certificate/Diploma in the Language of the Country where obtained.__________ 4. Duration of course in years (class-1 onwards)._______________ 8...
  3. O

    Here to Help!

    Hi guys, This post is pretty self-explanatory. I'm a veteran student (weird phrasing, I know) and have been through all the stages - O levels, A levels, University etc and would love to use my experience to help out anyone who needs it. If you have general questions about CAIE exams or want...
  4. T

    travel and tourism or art and design???!!!

    I need help deciding which subject to take between these two ( art and design or travel and tourism) NEED HELP ASAAAPPP
  5. G


    guys i need help in bio paper 6....... how to draw graphs do we draw point to point using a ruler or a curve and how to draw a line of best fit??? and if we draw point to point using a ruler,then how to draw line of best fit??? also are we allowed to use tracing paper for drawing?? thnx in advance
  6. Hussein Yasir

    Preparing together for IGCSE ICT THEORY AND PRACTICALS

    Even though I'm currently a new member to a site but I've been visiting it for the past few months as a guest, I really though of establishing these thread so those taking ICT can benefit form each others help. Also as we all know success comes from Allah and when InshaAllah when you help others...
  7. C

    Help pls :(

    Will I get the 8 subject certificate if i choose pure science (Phys , Chm and Bio) + Combined Science i am currently taking physics , chemistry , bio , maths , EM , english , ICT If i take combined science will i get 8 sub certificate...
  8. S

    Help needed!!

    I'm giving pak studies in may june 2018 and i am terribly prepared for it! I need some help in knowing the less important stuff in both history and geography so that at least I can get the important one done in time. so... is it absolutely necassary to learn the first chapter of history? the one...
  9. S

    Uegent help required for Modern world affairs!

    Hey there! I am to appear in May/June for my CIEs, this year. I am studying world history as a private candidate without the help of a teacher. I wanted to get some precious insight regarding how to solve the paper, little tips/tricks and what/how much to write in which part of the paper (A...
  10. A

    Help!!..i am going to give Olevel sociology

    Hi people....i am gonna have to give the paper now....have not studied it before.... i have 5 other subjects eng, math, bio, physics, chemistry. what can i do to complete the syllabus in time and get an A*. i really need help i am panicked. please help me out here.:sick:
  11. MShaheerUddin

    Anybody that can help with AS Chemistry

    I want someone to help me with chemistry problems ( AS ) "readily" Anybody?
  12. S

    Need Help With Access Arrangements Form

    Hello, this is my first thread. I hope I posted this in the right section with the right format. I need help with Access Arrangements. I'm a private CIE GCE As Level student who will appear for May/June 2018 exams in Karachi. I have motor neuron disease which limits the movements of my hands...
  13. Adeen Atif

    Recommended A'Level colleges or schools in Karachi?

    If having scholarships then mention. Thanks in advance :)
  14. I

    IGCSE Help Available

    Very recently, I have created a youtube channel to help out IGCSE students! I'm currently working on World History (0470), and if you'd like me to teach another specific topic, please let me know! You can find the channel callled "IGCSE Teacher" Thank you!
  15. N

    A-level Chemistry book VERY urgent!!!

    Hey All! I have been searching for this book pdf online, and wasn't able to find it. If anyone has or can get it please send the link, I need this book. Book Details: Name: Calculations in AS/A Level Chemistry Author: Jim Clark Thankss
  16. L

    Islamiyat 2058 URGENT HELP!!!!

    Hello , i have registered for islamiyat very recently and i wasnt planning on taking it , however i had to due to some issues with the university . i am urgent need of any help ( notes , books ,tips ) ANYTHING If you want , you can email me on [email protected]
  17. foxtort

    A-levels or Intermediate. Engineering

    So lately i finished my o level exams my results was very good i got 5A* and 1 A. However now there is a little confusion and i am not sure if i should go for A-levels or Intermediate exams. I do want to go to a university in Pakistan and was wondering how hard is it to get on the merit list...
  18. I


    Pls, could someone pass me the question bank for BM, and tell me how to install it. thank you
  19. SirAslan

    I need explanation on AS level ''components''

    Ex: Chemistry -12 Multiple choice 12 22 AS Level Structured Questions 22 34 Advanced Practical Skills 34 Question A- I have a friend..Who lives in bangalore...who's writing the same AS level exams...Will he get the same components' like...