1. Zeezeee112

    Grade Thresholds

    Does anyone else think that grade thresholds for winter 2020 examinations will be higher than they usually are?
  2. U


    Hi, I was looking at papers, and saw they say to chose any two surahs and then explain there teaching and importance. Does that mean I would need to explain the teaching of two surah to get 4 marks in Q1 (a) or do I only need to explain 1 surah. Please help me out, quarantine is making me go...
  3. M. Haris Wajid

    Can we use resources outside of the syllabus in Islamiyat?

    Hello. Can we use books and resources that contain material which is not in the books and resources of the syllabus? If we use material relevant to the question which isn't in the syllabus books in our Islamiyat exams, does it still count?
  4. I

    18 days till CIEs!

    Hello. I’m really worried about these cies as only 18 days are left. I’ve joined sir umar khans past paper session and I’m going to study only the past papers now. My problem is that I’ve never completely read section three and around 3/4 chapters of geo but now there is no time to do so and...
  5. ibrahimfire1009

    Pakistan Studies and Islamiat , M/J session 2018.

    Assalam-u-alaikum first of all. I am appearing in MJ session 2018 for PS and Islamiat. 3 months approx are left. I havent studied anything. When I open the book, I close it feeling bored. What can I do for studying PS and Islamiat without getting bored? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. M. Beissaam

    How was the Paper 2 exam for islamiyat?

    Comment too, share your opinions...
  7. M. Beissaam

    Official thread IGCSE Islamiyat 0493

    How was the exam guys? I found this exam pretty easy and awesome. What do you say? need opinions.
  8. L

    Islamiyat 2058 URGENT HELP!!!!

    Hello , i have registered for islamiyat very recently and i wasnt planning on taking it , however i had to due to some issues with the university . i am urgent need of any help ( notes , books ,tips ) ANYTHING If you want , you can email me on [email protected]
  9. JustTrying

    Need Help with Pakistan Studies and Islamiat!!!

    So basically I've lived my entire life overseas but it wasn't until last year that i shifted to Pakistan during my O1. I've never studied Pakistan Studies before and am facing difficulties especially in geography. Learning Eurpeon history has somehow made history easier and same goes for...
  10. A

    Urdu, Islamiat,Pakistan Studies, and Uni admission

    Salam. I am a Pakistani national, living in Saudi Arabia, who has not given exams for Urdu, Islamiat, or Pakistan Studies in O levels. Can I get admission in engineering universities of Pakistan, on foreign seats, SAT basis? Will these subjects still be compulsory?
  11. U

    A bit of a problem in my Islamiat paper....

    I don't know if I'm allowed to post this, but I had a question that's kept me awake for a while and I wanted your help. So, on yesterday's Islamiyat, in the Pledges of Aqabah question, due to time restraints (and lack of knowledge), I wasn't able to go into full detail. I wrote a full...
  12. MurtazaT.

    Islamiat Standards Booklet [HELP]

    Can someone please upload the Candidate Response Booklet for O Level Islamiyat? I have the Pakistan Studies and Urdu Standards Booklets but I can't find one for Islamiat. If someone could post it here, I'd be very thankful.
  13. M

    Academies important for Pakistan studies and islamiat?

    Hi. Im in my second year of O-levels which means ill be giving the CIE exams for Pakstudies and Islamiat this year. All my friends are taking tuitions for these two subjects which seems completely unnecessary to my dad, but over time a few questions have been raised in my mind. Everyone is...
  14. H

    O'Level Examinations (Answer Needed Immediately)

    Hi Everyone! As we all know that we can give the exams of Urdu,Islamiat and Pakistan Studies at the end of the 2nd year of O'level. My question is that 1. if we are not satisfied with our grades in these papers , can we give them again in the third year with the remaining subjects? 2. Suppose...