1. M

    How to draw an enlarged image in biology atp o levels 5090 P6

    I am really confused on how to draw an enlarged image of the diagram that is given. For example paper 5090/62 winter 2017 question 2a. Help please Cie is 2 days away!!!
  2. N

    Mock exams !

    I am lagging behind in the Sciences and Maths. Should I skip the mock exams for other arts and work rigorously on sciences and maths for now? I have a very good grip on English and other arts so it feels like preparing for them would be a waste of time. I am going to appear in the gce olevel...
  3. Mohaimin1

    Extra Subject OLEVELS

    I have recently shifted from Bahawalpur to Islamabad. In Bahawalpur I couldnt opt for an extra subject in Olevels but since I am in Islamabad, I am thinking to opt an extra subject. I am in last year of Olevels so tell me a subject which can easily be prepared in a year. Any subject which can...
  4. D

    May/ June 2018 O, AS & A Level Question Papers,Mark Scheme,Grade Thresholds are now available!

    Hi everyone! This is to inform you all that CAIE May/June 2018 question papers, mark scheme, and grade thresholds are now available! For now O Levels are uploaded. In a while IGCSE, AS and A Level shall be uploaded as well! O Level Business Studies Chemistry Principles of Accounts Pakistan...
  5. A

    Help!!..i am going to give Olevel sociology

    Hi people....i am gonna have to give the paper now....have not studied it before.... i have 5 other subjects eng, math, bio, physics, chemistry. what can i do to complete the syllabus in time and get an A*. i really need help i am panicked. please help me out here.:sick:
  6. A

    Urdu, Islamiat,Pakistan Studies, and Uni admission

    Salam. I am a Pakistani national, living in Saudi Arabia, who has not given exams for Urdu, Islamiat, or Pakistan Studies in O levels. Can I get admission in engineering universities of Pakistan, on foreign seats, SAT basis? Will these subjects still be compulsory?
  7. W

    A level questions

    I have been advised, by multiple teachers, to once go through a-level papers because a portion of the O levels exam relies heavily on them. I'm not so sure if this is true, but some of my teachers back at school made our class solve those papers, and I think they are really helpful. Plus, I find...
  8. narrystolenv


  9. W

    Notes on Reproduction and Inheritance

    Heyy guys, i badly need notes on reproduction in plants and human being and also inheritance (like production of insulin etc.) please help! inshallah
  10. M

    Does anyone have the ICT book in pdf? (+ other books)

    I already have the ICT book by Graham Brown and David Watson (2010), but I think it's too old and there might be some thing in the syllabus that are not in the book. I wanna know if anyone have the pdf version of a newer ICT book? If so, can you send it to me? Also, I would appreciate it if you...
  11. zaka ullah


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  12. Z

    May June 2016 Help Needed

    I gave my three subjects exams in m/j 15 Pak STD urdu and isl got 2A* and B in islamyat.Now i am going to give exams for sciences and maths plus eng in upcoming session but also want to appear for islamyat although i havent even opened its book since may 15.What should i do suggestions needed as...
  13. msohailz14

    Need to know something

    I will be appearing for A2 this may June and then will be applying for universities. But the problem is that I havent cleared my O level Pakistan Studies paper till now. So my question is that, is it possible that I get enrolled, but I assure them that I will clear that paper in a certain time...