1. F

    Preparing for the SAT - A guide for 1500-1590 Here's a guide that I've written from the help of many people who have scored in the 1500-1590 range in the New SAT! Scroll to the end for a link to most of these books and resources!
  2. Ch.Walid

    ALL SAT Resource HUB!

    NEW UPDATE: I have uploaded everything here : *FOR SAT as well... NOT only for o/a levels ALL RESOURCES
  3. H.A9898

    Redesigned SAT vs ACT English

    I have taken the redesigned SAT twice but both times my english score wasn't so great. Should I go for the ACT because I heard its english is easier. Plus is there any act book that helps you reason about difeerent questions that might be part of the test?
  4. Mahwish Khalid

    New Re-designed SAT-I eBooks (Barron's, Kaplan, Princeton), PDFs, Resources needed!

    I would be really thankful if someone would share or upload eBooks/PDFs for the New SAT (preferably Barron's, Princeton, or Kaplan) and some helpful resources, websites, notes, and etc as well. Thank you! :)
  5. W

    SATs vs A2. Confused! Please help!

    Hi. I'm currently taking my Biology AS-Level exams, and going to take Physics and Chemistry AS exams in May/June (actually because of a medical condition, I had to withdraw from physics and chemistry for this october/november session, and they are either going to refund the exam fees or postpone...
  6. D


    hello everybody! actually I am writing SAT PHYSICS AND MATHS 2 in oct so I wanted u all to send me or post some WORKING links to past papers or any practice papers for these tests that would be really helpful! if not. just try to send them to [email protected] THANK YOU!! :*
  7. rammy97

    SAT enough for AKU?

    To everyone who has given the test and the people appearing this year, is just going through the SAT 1 and 2 books enough to ace the test? AKU has no defined syllabus so I'm pretty confused. Is there any need to study Sindh board or federal books for the AKU test? There is less than a month left...
  8. Ch.Walid

    Universities in Pakistan

    Hi, there everybody. I would like to know that which universities in Pakistan Accept SAT Subject test?
  9. S


    Hi. I am going to appear for my AL exams in m/j 2016. I want to know what really I can do with SAT exams. Honestly, I don't really know about them much. SAT 1 is maths/critical writing/reading i guess and SAT 2 is subject based sat tests i guess. But i want to know that what should I give in...
  10. fmwaz5

    SAT 2 Result Discussion

    This is for the Nov 7, 2015 SAT Subject Tests. They're out! Share your scores below :) Congratulations in advance. :D BTW. I got 770 in Bio and 800 in Chem.
  11. D

    Where Should I Consider Applying with these scores -Medical

    So i have an 88.77 equivalency olevels. I expect my final equivalency of aleve+olevel to to be around 87%. I heard that MCAT is very tough for a level students. Any tips for me for entry test? and what unis should i consider? when should i start preparing for the entry test? Most people...
  12. F

    SAT I results

    The SAT results are in one day! What are your expected scores?