1. shg670

    What did I do wrong?: Why did Pakistan choose Urdu as it's national language in 1947? (7)

    Assalam Alaikum First of all I am new to xtremepapers so please excuse if I posted this in the wrong place. So, my teacher was taking a test of History Section 1 the other day, and this question came. I was very confident that my 7 Marks answer will be considered good, but my teacher just gave...
  2. Atika Khan

    Urdu second language past papers

    Is there any need to buy past papers of Urdu since I have seen that they are included in books of Mujeeb ur Rehman. Are those enough or not?
  3. S


    I wanted to know how to attempt a summary for urdu B, the exact format, and tips for scoring a perfect grade. Thank you very much.
  4. A

    Urdu, Islamiat,Pakistan Studies, and Uni admission

    Salam. I am a Pakistani national, living in Saudi Arabia, who has not given exams for Urdu, Islamiat, or Pakistan Studies in O levels. Can I get admission in engineering universities of Pakistan, on foreign seats, SAT basis? Will these subjects still be compulsory?
  5. M

    Can someone give detailed notes on urdu a level p 4 and some handy tips maybe ?

    dont really have time to read the book so desperate help needed :)
  6. M

    A level urdu 9686 p4 help.. which book?

    hey guys, I am appearing for Urdu 9686 in july and I am a little confused regarding p4. i have two books one is a urdu adab textbook(blue one) by fasiha asif and a book by syed Nadim jaffer named A level urdu nisaab. i am confused as i don't know which book to take to the exam hall?! the book...
  7. H

    O'Level Examinations (Answer Needed Immediately)

    Hi Everyone! As we all know that we can give the exams of Urdu,Islamiat and Pakistan Studies at the end of the 2nd year of O'level. My question is that 1. if we are not satisfied with our grades in these papers , can we give them again in the third year with the remaining subjects? 2. Suppose...
  8. A

    URDU alevel 9686

    does anyone have tasreeh of the ghazals ?
  9. hamaad khan orakzai

    Urdu Help Required

    Guys, how to get an A* in urdu, and how shall i improve my urdu as i have much grammatical and vocabulary mistakes. Help would be much appreciated. !!!!! (URDU B)