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Hello, so I've been in a conundrum...
I had some family issues which resulted in my dropping highschool against my will. I really want to continue my education and go to a University but I want to also make up for lost time. So here's the deal:
1) I live in Saudi and cannot leave the country at all for unknown time.
2) I'm now 25 years old
3) I was planning throughout my life to go to Med school but now I just want to earn a degree to become independent and work.
4) I want to go to college for Political science.
5) I want to speed up the process so I can apply to an online university.
How do I get my highschool diploma to be able to apply to Uni?
Do I go for A-Levels and end up using 2 extra years until I can get into Uni which given my age and situation is a bit of an issue to me.
Or is there another examination or system I can go for that can be an equivalent kind of like the GED for Americans? Please please I need guidance and details because I've researched a lot and even contacted the British council and all I got was vague answers or things unavailable to me due to where I live or things that are generalised and do not take my circumstances into account.
Any help or information would be a life saver!