pakstudies oct/nov help!!

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I did q1,2 and 3, lekin in q1 prt c i gave two negative and one positive impact of rail 1.Destruction of local industries since british forced indians to purchase imported expensive cotton

2. Opposition to rail since indians thought it would destroy their local culture

3.Travelling became less hectic and quicker
i did q 2 and 4 from the opt.
yeh i think ur is fine however i did mine
1) why were railways constructed
2) quick eays movemnet for indians
3) partition time / travel to india n pak
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Ok so this is all from memory, i havent studied history in a long time, so i will only be mentioning things briefly (also i might be missing some points). I hope it helps you.

What was refugee’s crises faced by Pakistan? (4)
After the unfair boundaries, so many hindus (and sikhs) and Muslims found themselves on the wrong side of the border. Pakistan was a bare land. We did not have the facilities to accommodate everyone! Also mention the communal violence, and how people were forced migration to create space.

What was canal water dispute? (4)
Pakistan was an agricultural country, it depended on canal water for irrigation. The headworks of those rivers (flowing into pakistan) were in india. They had all authority over it (and threatened pakistan), also started to build canals/dams and stuff on those rivers. (over here you can mention some rivers that were threatened)

What were administrative problems for Pakistan? (4)
East and West Pakistan had a lot of distance between each other, communication problems (like if help was needed in east pakistan, they won't be helped immediately - creating resentment) i think u can also mention refugee problem here as well. And the lack of government machinery too like pakistan didnt have proper govt buildings/facilitates (they were mostly in india) oh and also pakistan didnt have many administrators. (most of them were land owners)

What was the issue of division of assets in 1947? (4)
Pakistan didn't inherit govt buildings and they needed money to build them. India and Pakistan had to divide military assets, and wealth fairly. (which didnt happen - u can also mention that pakistan received old, broken machineries and weapons) also mention the money distribution that was held back and never given.

What were the difficulties for the accession of the princely states at partition of India? (4)
Lord Mountbatten asked princely states to either ascend to Pakistan or India. Most of them - who had muslim rulers, ascended to pakistan however the majority was neglected (mostly hindus) and the same goes for Muslim majority. Some of them were unwilling to ascend to either. Mention some princely states disputes here.
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