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    A2 Physics | Questions and Doubts [Post Here]

    Okay so firstly emission light spectrum is in case of hot gases whereas the absorption line spectrum is in case of cool gases. Emission line spectrum: In hot gases, the electrons have already gained the energy gap difference between successive levels and thus gradually are losing that energy...
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    Physics: Post your doubts here!

    (iii) is really weird i get 746. They already mentioned the volume of gas but they found it again. Dont get them. :P
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    Physics: Post your doubts here!

    Because it is after the first absroption that the internal reflection occurs. That is I is incident on the muscle and then atenuation or absroption occurs and then it reaches the boundary where it is internally reflected when it is comming back it is atenuated again.
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    Physics: Post your doubts here!

    Thing is, the ray is being absorbed twice and is being total internally reflected once. So first I is being absorbed so we have 0.39I being transmitted to the bone and muscle boundary. 0.33 times 0.39 is then being internally reflected so we have 0.33 x 0.39I. Then again when it is moving from...
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    Chemo P5 tips

    Thank You, the tips are very helpful.
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    Physics P1, P2 & P4 past papers chapter wise! :D

    U have to do this wid expressions.. first find the expression for overall resistance of the circuit.. which is 1/R= 1/R1+ 1/R2 for parallel plus the series. u get 3R/2 .. then do P=I2R for the whole circuit.. in R put the value of the combined resistance.. u will get an expression for I2 = 8/R...
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    Physics: Post your doubts here!

    Firstly, if there are 300 lines in 1mm then there would be 300 x 1000 lines in 1meter .. therefore D is 1/300000. taking lamda as @.. [email protected]= d sin& put in the values of @ and d. and take the value of [email protected] as 1 because thats the value for the maximum angle Find N.. it is somewhat 4.84 Thing is...
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    Physics: Post your doubts here!

    12: Its more of a mechanics question.. First find the acceleration from the two equations. . i- T-800= 8a and ii) 1200-0T=1200a .. u get a= 2ms-2.. we kno that for a pulley,, the two components travels the same distance and with teh same speed.. so the two bodies will meet half way between 18 m...
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    AS Physics P1 MCQs Preparation Thread.

    OCT 09 11 Number 12 The angle that T1 makes with R is greater than the angle that T2 makes with R. R has to be balanced by the horizontal componts of T1 and T2.. Let the angle be @ R= [email protected] + [email protected] and R= [email protected] + [email protected] We can see that for cos,, the greater the angle.. less the value of...
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    AS Physics P1 MCQs Preparation Thread.

    MJ 12 MJ 12 Nmber 12: First, we find the common acceleration, From the two formulas: ( linek in Mechanics) T- 800= 80a 1200-T= 120a We get acceleartion = 2. We kno that in case of pulley, the distance moved by man up is equal to the distance fallen by the bag, thus the two will come to...
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    AS Physics P1 MCQs Preparation Thread.

    OCT NOV 12 Paper 11 number 23: F=ke For spring R, Load is F is W and k is 3k Therefore, e= W/ 3k For P or Q, the load is W/2 and spring constnt is k. Therefore, e= W/2 /k or W/2k The Overall extension of P and Q is just one of there extensions.. Therefore, total extension is extension of...
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    AS Physics P1 MCQs Preparation Thread. NUMBER 36 ..
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    AS Physics P1 MCQs Preparation Thread.

    5 An athlete bends down and then jumps straight up into the air. At the instant he starts his jump three forces act on him – his weight, an upthrust from the air and the contact force with the ground. What is the correct order in increasing magnitude of these three forces? [1] A contact force →...
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    AS Physics P1 MCQs Preparation Thread. International A and AS Level/Physics (9702)/9702_s03_qp_1.pdf Number 30 and 34.. anyone?
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    AS Biology paper 22 May 13th 2013

    The question clearly mentioned "cold denaturation" so obviously the enzyme is somehow denatured in col condition s/...