1. tuc-repap

    Edexcel International A' Levels (IAL) October 2016 Question Papers & Mark Schemes

    Here you will find the Edexcel October/November 2016 Question Papers and Mark Schemes for International A-levels (IAL). Cheers! http://paper-cut.weebly.com/octnov2016.html Give us a like on Facebook (won't you?), thanks!
  2. E

    Anybody has the O/N 2016 papers?

    Hey viewers, I'm desperately searching for the IGCSE O/N 2016 past papers for the following subjects: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English and ICT. If anyone has some or all of the mentioned papers, please be generous to share them with me. Peace (y)
  3. Rucksikaa.R

    Does anyone have Edexcel IAL October 2016 papst papers and mark scheme?

    I am sitting for my first year of A-levels in the May/June 2017 session and I'm a private candidate.
  4. Eman Javed

    BIOLOGY 9700

    Hey guys! I'm taking AS bio 9700 this october/november session. Bio paper 22 is tomorrow, and 33 is the day after. Any tips would be much appreciated. :) I'm really nervous :unsure:
  5. A


    Anyone remember the question of last question? It is something do with potato, rice and pasta. And also I can't remember what the question for 5 days one it is something that do with he wants to eat 2 rices, 2 potatoes , and 1 pasta. Please tell me the question if somebody still remember. Thank you
  6. J

    Can someone work this question paper. Pure Maths AS 9709

    Can someone help me work this question paper? I checked the mark scheme, but it didn't fully explain my doubts.
  7. A

    I need your suggestions .

    I did 'O' LEVEL i got `c` in maths , `d` in Accounting , `F` in business , `F` in English and `A` in kiswahili language That was in 2014 . In 2015 i did AS level Accounting, business and economics i got U U E , on october/nov i reset business and Accounts and i couldn't do good U U again ...
  8. Reem15


    Hey everyone ... this is for oct session ... I'm going to take this session Computer science Business Studies ESL 0510 And Biology Can you share and tell me is someone out there like me .?
  9. Rizwan Javed

    CIE 2016 May/June A Level Question Papers + Marking Schemes + Grade Thresholds are here =D

    If any paper is missing please comment below. Accounting (9706) Applied Information and Communication Technology (9713) Biology (9700) Business (for first examination in 2016) (9609) Business Studies (9707) Chemistry (9701) Computer Science (9608) Computing (9691) Economics (9708)...
  10. tuc-repap

    Edexcel IGCSE | A' Levels May/June 2016 Mark Schemes

    The Edexcel May/June 2016 Mark Schemes for IGCSE & A-levels are up as well as the Question Papers. Cheers! https://goo.gl/BHbLzS
  11. tuc-repap

    Edexcel IGCSE | A' Levels May/June 2016 Question Papers & Mark Schemes

    Here you will find the Edexcel May/June 2016 Question Papers and Mark Schemes for GCSE, IGCSE, IAL & GCE A-levels (2008 & 2015 Specification). Cheers! http://paper-cut.weebly.com/mayjune-2016.html Give us a like on Facebook (won't you?), thanks! :)
  12. N

    Any Girl for A level Psychology - M/J 2016 ???

    ASA , is there any girl out there taking A level psychology for May june 2016 ???
  13. K

    0510 Oral topics May-June 2016

    Hello everybody! I'm going to give ESL oral exam soon... and I really need your help! if anyone whom already gave the exam,please share the topic please and is the question will be the same for every zone? btw Im in zone 4 (india) anyway thank you so much
  14. Muhammed Ibrahim


  15. H

    Psychology 9698 AS Level Guys help! I have only two months to study and have no tutor!

    Hi, Okay so I have to give psychology exam this may and I would to know some tips and suggestions about the subject. I'm studying on my own, I have no teacher. So could please help me by suggesting notes tips which may help in exam or while studying.
  16. Akshajistari

    MAY JUNE 2016

    Hi all! Just thought we should have a thread of ours like this too :)
  17. Akshajistari

    Salt/Qualitative Analysis for P3 Chemistry

    Hey guys So I was wondering if anyone had any good tips and tricks to use for the last question in Paper 3 for CIE A level Chemistry... Our school hasn't given us that much practice on it, and I am very nervous about it because it will definitely appear in the exam :(:sick::unsure: Help would...
  18. Z

    May June 2016 Help Needed

    I gave my three subjects exams in m/j 15 Pak STD urdu and isl got 2A* and B in islamyat.Now i am going to give exams for sciences and maths plus eng in upcoming session but also want to appear for islamyat although i havent even opened its book since may 15.What should i do suggestions needed as...
  19. K

    Past Year Papers Compilation Request

    hi ill be taking my Os this summer and i'd be very grateful if someone can compile or share a compilation for English (1123) past year papers since i couldn't find an existing compilation for it here in xtremepapers... thank you.
  20. F

    Complete ESL Listening Paper for Grade 7 - Free

    Get your free copy! Download http://ibatefl.com/?p=1118