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  1. Akshajistari

    Tips for P1 Physics

    Hi there! Could you please post tips for A level Physics' MCQ paper? I rarely score above 33:cry: Rizwan Javed My Name qwertypoiu sj0007 nehaoscar
  2. Akshajistari

    MAY JUNE 2016

    Hi all! Just thought we should have a thread of ours like this too :)
  3. Akshajistari

    Salt/Qualitative Analysis for P3 Chemistry

    Hey guys So I was wondering if anyone had any good tips and tricks to use for the last question in Paper 3 for CIE A level Chemistry... Our school hasn't given us that much practice on it, and I am very nervous about it because it will definitely appear in the exam :(:sick::unsure: Help would...
  4. F

    A Level English Language 9093

    Hello, everyone. My English teacher and I have been searching for resources for 9093 for quite a while and were unable to find anything of substance. Could anyone help? Please post links to any resources you have for this syllabus code; we need Paper 3 and 4 (A2) resources.
  5. Akshajistari

    Study Tips

    Hello all! I have been part of the Xtremepapers community since 2012... you have all been a great inspiration for me! I always wondered how all of you study, and how you organise your time and don't get distracted. This question is specifically directed to My Name :) Regards Akshajistari
  6. N

    A level business tutor - online

    AsA, does any one know a good busines tutor for A levels . Who has good experience and can give online classes . i would want to know as many as i can get . JazakAllah khair
  7. N

    Can i get an A/A* in psychology A level CIE

    asa , Im hearing that psychology is a subject that one cannot easily get an A/A* grade in . Is this true ? Plus im planning to do it privately . Is this even a worse idea ? Ive also heard socio and psychology have some connection ? Do they and what ? Ive got a good grade in socio a level...
  8. Sammychip

    [URGENT] A'Level Notes Needed

    Greetings everyone, I really need the notes for the following subjects for the 2017-2019 (syllabus/examination); Biology Applied Information & Communication Technology (AICT) Physics Please reply ASAP it will be greatly appreciated, please please and thank you! ~Sammychip