1. PhantomFlash

    Accounting Paper 3

    Was it just me or was the Accounting Paper 3 actually very critical?
  2. MShaheerUddin

    CIE A levels FEB/March 2019 papers

    Can anyone please tell me when f/m 2019 a level papers will be available??
  3. S


    Hey! so im in As and i have to give my exams in May. If anyone has helpful notes and resources for As math, physics., chemistry and biology please do post them on this thread. Also, any advice from people who have done alevels and helpful tips would be really really appreciated. (Stressing &...
  4. P

    A Level guess papers M/J 2018

    Hey guys this is my first post. Post any guess papers/expected questions here. :)
  5. Wâlèé Atèéq

    CIE May/June 2018..

    Hey Pals, pop up who'll be appearing this summer in Cies..? I'm giving As this may.. in Karachi. any commons ?
  6. H

    A levels equivalency help urgent!

    I did my a levels in 3 subjects psychology, english language and the general paper Is it possible for me to get the inter equivalency certificate based on these subjects?
  7. krishnapatelzz

    Hitler reacts to p1 exam must watch video lol hahah

    subscribe like and share , also videos for a levels resources
  8. krishnapatelzz


  9. tamoor

    Are my grades good? should I go for Fsc or Alevels?

    Today I got my cie's result my grades are 5Bs and 3 Cs I got C in english,maths and physics. are these grades good should I retake? should I go for Fsc or Alevels? Please help!!! Any
  10. escapist

    Prospective Alevels OCT/NOV 2017 candidates contact

    I am a prospective candidate for A levels OCT/NOV 2017 session I need help regarding subject selection and preparation since I will be preparing from scratch I will be resuming after a gap year and will be focusing on self-study Zero Coaching hence please help select from the following subjects...
  11. W

    A level questions

    I have been advised, by multiple teachers, to once go through a-level papers because a portion of the O levels exam relies heavily on them. I'm not so sure if this is true, but some of my teachers back at school made our class solve those papers, and I think they are really helpful. Plus, I find...
  12. M

    A level urdu 9686 p4 help.. which book?

    hey guys, I am appearing for Urdu 9686 in july and I am a little confused regarding p4. i have two books one is a urdu adab textbook(blue one) by fasiha asif and a book by syed Nadim jaffer named A level urdu nisaab. i am confused as i don't know which book to take to the exam hall?! the book...
  13. I

    chem paper 4

    hey guys! lets see if we can help each other out. text me your timings and all. ill do the same :)
  14. I

    Can I get A's in A-levels if I only have 7 months to study the whole of it.

    Okay so the thing is, I wasted two years of my a-levels partying and this came to me at a high cost. I didn't attend my classes but now. I want to score. Is there any hope that I can get 3 A's in Maths, Physics and Chemistry if I study for the nest 7 months I have remaining. I'm out of concepts...
  15. anushaleo

    A levels Private Candidate

    Hey guys, hope everyone's doing well. So i'm giving my As privately this May/June 2016 in subjects of Bio, Chem and Phys. I've literally heard everything there is about how privately doing A levels is a bad decision. Stuff about how CIE management doesn't grade private students equally, is lax...
  16. Z

    Confusion regarding alevels subjects selection

    So i got 6a*s and 2as in my olevels examinations,a*s in sciences,maths,pakstd and urdu.Now i am in a hell of a confusion regarding selection of alevels subjects.Tbh i don't like science at all except chemistry and neither do i like maths.I would take bio over maths all day but the thing that...
  17. Mahrukh130


    Anybody here knows ANYTHING about sadiq public school? Or like any other good hostels in pakistan for girls. ALevels, precisely.
  18. I

    How to get A* and A's in your A-Levels

    Hey guys, I've uploaded my full proof plan on how I achieved my A-Levels and what distinguishes you as an A* student in the exam on My A-levels were Sociology, Psychology, English Language, Biology and Law. Let me know if you guys want me to write on how...
  19. C

    Anyone who did Feb/March A levels?

    Just wondering if any of y'all did any A level subjects in Feb/March; Bio, Chem or Maths? How were they?