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does anyone have
Cambridge O-Level Urdu Syllabus B (3248) Paper-1&2 by Mujeeb Ur Rehman
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I need help for solving Q1 part (a) questions in Islamiyat Paper 1. I am confused which of the following methods to use:
1) Explain each and every verse/phrase in the passage by commenting on it (using explanation and quotations on some).
2) Group verses/phrases with the common theme and explain that THEME instead of explaining EACH AND EVERY VERSE.
Surat al-Fatiha:
Method 1: Just explain each verse while quoting other verses or Ahadith on some,
Method 2: Divide the Surah into 3 parts; Part 1 extends from verse 1 to 3 and the theme is "Oneness in Attributes (i.e. only He deserves the Praise as He is our Creator, He Alone can Forgive His Servants as He Wills, no one will intercede on the Day of Judgement except with His Will as He is the Owner of that Day)". Part 2 is verse 4 and the theme is "Oneness in Worship and Dua (i.e. no one other than His deserves to be worshipped as He says "Your Lord has Decreed that you worship none but Him" and we can only supplicate to Him as He says "Ask/Supplicate so that I may answer you"). Part 3 extends from verse 5 till the end (i.e. He is the Guider of Mankind and does so by sending Prophets (AS) to warn the people, the Way referred to here is of the righteous predecessors such as the Companions, Tabieen and Taba Tabieen like Abu Bakr (RA), Ali (RA), etc., Allah's Messenger (PBUH) was asked once about the last verse and he said: "those who earned Your Anger" are the Jews and "those who went astray" are the Christians (Bukhari)").

Method 1 was suggested by my teacher while Method 2 is what I came up with to make things easier - my teacher did not approve of it. Both of them are similar but Method 2 is a bit more general sometimes.